Things to do in Devon

Devon is a region in the southwest of England. It is covered in sandy beaches, cliffs, old-fashioned towns, and nationwide parks. The English Riviera is a sequence of attractive, south-shore harbor towns including Brixham, Paignton, and Torquay. The South West Shore Path trails the coastline, captivating the soaring cliffs of the north Exmoor Shore and rock creations on the remnant-rich southern Jurassic Shore.

Jurassic Coast

When it comes to things to do, Devon is fully prepared, the county is riddled with free attractions. This nation is unconditionally filled with great doings, the family pubs and fun days out. There’s so to choose from along this coastline that it can be time consuming choosing what to to start with first. Devon is a great idea for a holiday or a day out with the kids, it boasts a few of England’s top attractions

To help in your choice of discovery, here’s our professional guide to the highest tourist lures in Devon – from the internationally famous to top-secret havens, theme parks to nature parks, inside play centers to aqua gardens, painting galleries, museums, and so much more.

Things to do in Devon

We are sure that there will be an activity to suit all tastes, due to the extent and range that Devon has to offer.  Devon is also known for being an attraction in itself, with its top notch views of all round scenic countryside

Thus, whether you’re here on a day off or just simply on holiday, you’ll discover the flawless lure on this area that will keep the entire family busy, whatever the weather.

If you have a day off in Devon you could visit the coastline or countryside, ancient remains and modern shop centers, and any of these areas are great for couples or families.  There are plenty of attractions at Grand Western Canal Country Park

If you’re after adrenaline-full things to do in Devon you can discover the finest places for mounting, white water rapids, horse riding and a huge selection of adrenalin activities.

If your impression of paradise centers around peace and silence, tranquility is something that Devon’s not lacking in. Enjoy one of the magnificent beaches – those in the Northern region of Devon are flawless for water sporting. Walk-in miles of unspoiled scenery visit famous buildings, glance museums and art galleries, or grab a yacht trip. These are just one of many attractions in Devon.

Visit some awe-inspirational gardens or just pass the time with some soothing dealings at a unique top health resort. Your time is yours to ensure that you are satisfied with the choice on offer. If you’re stumped for ideas to see in Devon, read through this guide of tours, you’ll discover the finest of Devon here.

A Brief History of Devon

Devon is a region in west-south England, neighboring west to Cornwall with Somerset and Dorset toward the east. There is an indication of work in the region from Stone Age areas. Its chronicled history jumps in the Roman times when it remained a civitas. It was then a distinct empire for several eras until it was combined into primary England. It has endured a largely farming-based area, even in the modern times, though travel now has taken over somewhat.

Getting around Devon

The south and north shores of Devon individually have together sandy shores and cliffs, and the region’s bays cover coastal resorts, harpooning towns, and harbors. The internal terrain is country and usually mountainous and has an inferior population thickness than numerous other portions of England. Dartmoor is the major open area in southern England, at 955 km2 (368 square miles away); its heath extends through a large area of the granite base. To the north of Exmoor are the Dartmoor and the Culm measures. In the vales and plains of east and south Devon, the earth is further fertile, having rivers including the Teign, the Dart, the Exe, the Culm, and the Otter.


The main clearances in Devon are the capitals of Plymouth, a significant port now managerially self-governing, Exeter, the region urban, and Torbay, the region’s vacationer center. Devon’s shore is nestled with visitor resorts, many of which raised rapidly with the entrance of the railways around the 19th period.

What to see in Devon

With progressing green landscape, sweet slight fishing communities, two unbelievable coastlines, and the best food in England to wader, Devon is a complete must visit place for anybody going to vacation in the UK. There is something here in Devon for every associate of the family. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a fine diner, here are some of the best things when going to see Devon.

Lundy Island

Called as the English response to the Galapagos, Lundy Island is a 3-mile give of pillar off the shore of Northern Devon. Now, you can closely see the basking sharks, seal, and puffins, as well as a vast diversity of seabirds. Reach by ship from Bideford or Ilfracombe several weeks a year.

Lundy Island

Lydford Gorge

Lydford is the shallowest valley in the west-south of England, is enclosed by dense, lush forest and is full of falls and stories of fairies. Stance under the White Lady Waterfalls and get near to the mixing Devil’s Cauldron. Shares of the walkabout here can be false, so step wisely.

North Devon

North Devon is known for its many cliffs, beaches and wind. It is one of the top walking destinations and known nationally for the best seaside view.


In Exeter, things to do aren’t scarce. Exeter is an ancient roman city based just off the coast. The famous River Exe runs through the middle of the city, and is just one of the many attractions Exeter boasts. If you’re looking for free attractions, then definitely give this city a visit. Go visit the Royal Albert Museum,  see the underground passages and make it to the top of Whorley Pin Hill Mountain!

Exeter Cathedral

There are some of the best attractions and activities in the world in Exeter, and there’s plenty of places to visit for a family day out too! Like the Quay climbing center, iBounce and mission escape.


It truly isn’t a tour to Devon short of a windy stamp to peak on Dartmoor. Countless for gusting absent the torpors, these 365 square miles away wilds throw up olden woodland, open heath, old-fashioned villages, and stone-oldness ruins. There are lots of walking trails and family activities like zoo’s and a butterfly and otter sanctuary. If you’re planning a trip with your family, Dartmoor might be an attraction you want to consider! It also is the home of River Dart, which is a river that is connected to the sea. River Dart is 75 km long and flows through six cities.

Okehampton Castle

Constructed at the highest point of a hill, this bailey and motte fortress is full of ghostly activities and is held to be the house of unpleasant crimes. The rumor drives that the Lady Howard who when existed here slain all four of her husbands and formerly made a bearing from their skeletons. This is one of the best things to do for architectural lovers! If you love building’s designs then this is one of the best attractions for you!

Okehampton Castle

Tours around Devon

Our things to do in Devon list concludes with some excessive lures in the method of guided trips. These are excessive if you need to dig bottomless into the past of a specific feature of the area. There are so many activities and attractions to see in Devon, taking a tour on the first day you visit makes sure you’re not missing out on any activities and makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your trip.

Unique Devon Tours

Containing two of Devon’s greatest beautiful parts, this trip is flawless for anybody with incomplete time in the part, since it stretches guests an excessive overview of a binary of Devon’s greatest lovely areas, Dartmoor and the Devon shore, in a single day. It also stretches people a sense of taste of just how diverse the region is, from the rocky summits of Dartmoor National Park, with its sky of ominous, history and legend, to the histrionic beauty, lovely coasts and delightful towns of the South Devon shoreline. You pay a small fee for the tours but the view and the memories are free, and a beautiful sight in themselves. Seeing and exploring the county, has definitely got to be one of the top attractions in Devon


Devon offers bizarre value for money for anybody staying on a budget. You don’t have to dig deep to have a good experience and stay here. There are numerous things to do in Devon, there are enough free offerings to do on your weekend breaks. There are stalwart pools to be explored, the background to take in, swimming, running, geocaching and cycling, to term but a few. Overall, it’s worth going place for spending holidays.

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